Select Global Events is thrilled to announce the arrival of The Magnetics Show North America, at The Pasadena Convention Center, California.

Date: May 22-23 2024

The Magnetics Show is a one of a kind event that will bring you to the true heart of electrification. It is a commercial exhibition and conference dedicated entirely to the supply chains for magnetic materials, products, and systems with stakeholders that participate in research, design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and recycling.

We are building an illustrious team of advisory board members to help create a fresh perspective on the world of magnetics. Noveon Magnetics, The UK Magnetic Society and Bunting Magnetics will bring diversity and a wealth of experience to the show, and we are pleased to have them as our Founding Advisory Board Members.

Magnets are practically everywhere and impact our lives every day. In terms of overall demand and end-use, we can see that a broader, healthier market sector mix is driving demand for magnets. Our show will bring together various end-users, manufacturers and innovators from all sectors of the magnetics supply chains, including Automotive, Energy, Medical, Consumers, Aerospace and Defense, Industrials, Transportation, and many others.

The magnet space is far less saturated and there is far less resource going into technology development. Our aim is to create an environment for The Magnetics Show to provide a platform upon where bonds are strengthened, and domestic supply chains are solidified. New and innovative ideas within the magnetics industry are to be shared, discussed and deployed.

Testimonial from our Founding Advisory Board Member

“My career in the magnetic materials industry was born from a desire to make a lasting positive impact on our planet. Rare earth magnets are at the heart of unlocking a more sustainable electric future, but only if we can challenge the current status quo by innovating new technology that works to stabilize the current supply chain and push the boundaries in terms of final product performance. I’m proud to work alongside Select Global Events to launch The Magnetics Show, where we will highlight the importance of magnets in our energy infrastructure and discuss the ways we can redefine and rebuild America’s rare earth magnet industry to put us on the most practical path toward resource efficiency, resource independence, and a low-carbon economy.” Peter Afiuny, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Noveon Magnetics.

“I could not be happier with the progress of our Magnetics Show and I feel extremely passionate about its potential. Since the magnet is an essential product for application, I believe it holds huge significance within the carbon neutrality initiative and current modern technological advances. During my trip to Pasadena towards the end of 2022, I was struck by the city itself and all it has to offer. We will be hosting the entire Pasadena Convention Centre and with The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology nearby, I knew it was the perfect place”. Alexander Oliver, Director, Select Global Events Ltd

Should you require further information or would like to take part in The Magnetics Show please contact Alexander Oliver –