The Magnetics Show Two Track Conference

Track 1 & Track 2

We host two world class technical and commercial conference across two stages, including industry peers
presenting bespoke sessions from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Track 1 focuses on materials development, characterization and supply chain risks.
Track 2 delves into the endless application opportunities of the magnetic materials.

You will be lucky enough to learn from 8 Keynotes and 50+ Global Industry Expert Speakers.
Keynote lectures highlight new trends in magnetism research with a strong application potential.

Current Conference Themes

Call for Speakers

The official call for speakers commences on 20th November, 2023.

Should you wish to take part we would love to hear from you.
You will liaise with our experienced Conference Producer, Tom, who will take you through the process and assist you along the way.

Presenters from academia, research laboratories and industry are all equally welcome. Both industrial and academic contributions, grouped by content, will be interleaved in each of the tracks to facilitate fruitful discussion and future cooperation.


Agenda at a Glance

A glimpse into our conference agenda will be made available to you on
5th February, 2024.

Full Agenda

The complete conference agenda will be made available to you on
18th March, 2024.

Interested in Speaking?

If you are eager to share your cutting edge ideas, research, product development etc. we would love to hear from you in advance.

Please feel free to send over conference related questions and abstracts to Tom.

Tom Clark


See You Soon

We look forward to inspiring you.